I have mentioned before the importance of women keeping their face holes open. There are many reasons for this. They just look better, more feminine and dumb with their face holes slightly open. It also signals that the hole is available to use, which it should always be. When she is not allowed to close her face hole it makes it more difficult for her to sound like anything but a complete idiot when she tries to speak. Which of course she is not supposed to without permission. And when she starts drooling it makes it so much easier to see her as nothing but a dumb dog.

The pictures just show some mild ways of punishing her if she forgets to keep her face hole open. The cunt seems to have learned in the last picture.



Kayla was a tattletale and spoilsport. Whenever the cheerleading squad had some fun, she’d be the one to snitch to the coach or principal. Summer training camp was thus the proper place to adjust her poor attitude. Between some bondage equipment Karen borrowed from her stepdad’s bag of tricks, a Hitachi Susan ordered online and a video camera, Kayla would learn her place at the bottom rung of the team’s pecking order. She’d be their little cum slut and they’d experiment on that responsive little cunt they just had finished shaving.

"One word of this, Kayla", Susan warned as they held her down and vigorously vibrated her pussy, "And every boy with hair on their balls at school will get to see this video, are we clear?"



Pamela could not afford to flunk mathematics. Not again. Her parents would kill her if they had to pay for the expensive private school for another extra year. She should have graduated by now, not repeat another term. Not to mention the giggles from the girls two years her junior if she’d walk into their class looking like a sasquatch with boobs in comparison.

So Mr. Anderson had agreed that she could earn extra credit during fall break. In an age-appropriate manner, he had added, a finger tugging at her school blouse, taking a peek inside at her pale, firm mounds.

It was deeply embarrassing but she knew what was expected of her. Other older girls had passed on his preferences and how they could help fill in the gaps in a dumb little girl’s education to the satisfaction of their demanding parents.

Plus, as one alumni had confided into Pamela, the things he taught a girl in the privacy of his apartment came in much more handy than his main subject in class in real life, anyway.